Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The next step: Microwave Oven

Slowly the equipment in the MicroCamper gets completed. What was missing up to now is a cooking facility. I had put the coffee maker onto the work board, but that had to be shifted due to space restrictions - it will be again mounted on a slightly different location. But there is another item which my brother Winfried gave me as a present: a microwave oven specifically for campervans! Its specific features are a low power, so that it can be operated in low current settings, for example on camp sites which only provide a few Amps. any regular microwave oven would blow the fuses at those sites, but this microwave oven does not.

I already had cooked a ready-made meal in it a few months ago, but now it is time to do a real-world test in the actual camper.

So far I only have placed it in its location, affixed with a bungee cord. Will have to do some actual cooking soon. I will first use only its main connection, which can be a standard 220-240V mains power. It also has two battery-powered modes, which sound a bit scary: the "low power" setting will draw 20A from the 12V battery, and it will produces 100W microwave power. The 20A will move my electric system close to its 30A limit - I will have to watch that I do not blow it. Also, the cooking / boiling will take a while in this low power setting; I will take some measurements on how long it takes to heat up a cup of water to the boiling point.
There is the other, "high power" setting for using the battery. And that one will draw a full 55A. Cannot run this through my electronics, but will have to connect it directly to the battery. With the car alternator connected and running. Am a bit afraid of that test....

In any case, for both tests the leisure battery will need to be fully charged, as after these tests it will most likely be fully drained.

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