Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Installing the TV

Another important item: the TV. This is a 22" 1080p TV, with built-in DVD player and SAT receiver. I mounted it on a flexible arm, so it can be moved to the side when not needed.

The TV is quite heavy, and through the extended arm there is quite a lot of pressure at the mounting. I knew that the simple laminate board would not be able to hold the TV just by screws drilled into it, so I added a support beam at the other side of the board which would distribute the pressure onto a wider surface. Unfortunately that beam did move a little when I drilled the holes, therefore it is not exactly straight. But at least I think that it is stable enough to hold the TV also through the vibrations that occur during driving.

In my opinion the 22" screen has a reasonable size for this vehicle. I would not want anything smaller, and for a larger display there is no space. This TV also has an HDMI input which I will use for the Raspberry Pi which will eventually be installed here as a "vehicle computer".

While setting up the TV, the reception of the digital TV signal was not very great. I have to try it again in the open field, with good view of a TV tower.

When on, the TV draws from the 12V power a current of 2.2A. This may go up to 3A when DVD or SAT is used - the rating of this TV is 37W. When in standby, the TV uses 190mA. But it also can be switched off completely.

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