Sunday, 19 April 2015

Fixing the carpet

Until now I only had placed the carpet tiles loosely onto the floor, just to show how they would fit. Now it was time to affix them, so that I could use the rear space to its full capacity. I cut the remaining tiles under the folded rear seat bench so that all the floor area was covered. A few months ago I had prepared the area under the bench with an isolating underlay, as I had planned to place possibly a wood laminate floor. Now I simply glued the cut tiles onto this underlay. There will be very little force onto these regions, as they will mostly remain under the seat bench.

I did use the heavy duty adhesive spray (which I had used for the trim and the insulation) and did spray it onto the ground and underlay, then put the tiles on top. Did work fine, they are sitting very stable.

As can be seen in the picture, I left the motor wrench installed, which had been used for pulling up a wheel chair when the ramp still was installed. Who knows for what I might need it sometime...

Then I decided to quickly build the 2nd part of the modular platform which is to be placed onto the other folded part of the rear seat bench. This concept of two independent platforms which can be placed onto the foldable parts of the rear bench seat, allows a flexibility of using the car for transporting 3, 4 or 5 people. And when made into the 2-people camper (both parts of the rear seat folded down), then the whole space is to be used for storing luggage or other equipment.

Here are the two platforms onto the folded rear bench:

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