Saturday, 11 April 2015

Finalising the worktop - and another shelf

The large worktop over the refrigerator needed some final work: the right rear speaker was waiting to be installed, and vents for the fridge compressor needed to be cut. Also the +12V wire from the leisure battery needed a thicker cable. So I took again out the tools, installed a thicker cable, and cut speaker and vent outlets into the worktop. I also guided the connector for the wrench remote upwards above the work top. The car still has that motor wrench which was used to pull in a wheel chair, when the ramp was still installed. I did not remove it, maybe it will come in handy some time.

Now for the first time since the removal of the original rear panels I have a rear speaker. Of course that is only one, which is not very satisfying. Therefore I decided to mount also something on the left side, to be able to install the other speaker there as well. I did not want to use up much space, but the structure needed to be solid and supportive, at the same height as the opposite main worktop, because it would serve later as the basis for the bedding that would be put on top.

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