Monday, 17 November 2014

Insulation of rear doors

For staying in the car while it is not moving, it is essential to put in a good insulation everywhere. I had begun to put alu-air-bubble foil on the inside of the ceiling, and I did purchase a 5x10m roll of VelTrim (silver). Now I wanted to try out the VelTrim. The first object of my lining attempts were the read doors. First I put a layer of the alu bubble foil, to create an insulating layer. Then on top of that, I affixed a layer of VelTrim. It is a thick material, 500g per square meter, and is not easy to mold. So I had to resort to cutting and stitching around those edges of the doors and the rear windows.

The right door closes now a bit harder, needs to be pushed with force during the closing; the added padding appears to add some resistance somewhere where it bulges up too thickly for a smooth closing.

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