Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fridge repair - by WRS Refrigeration Services Leeds

Already on Saturday afternoon I did call around to fridge services which I found through a web search. There was one guy who was listed as fixing fridges in Leeds, but who was actually in York. There also was a nationwide service with a local office, but they were closed.

So on Monday morning I searched for more and found some repair services. One would only do large commercial refrigeration systems, another could only do this next week. I did leave a message for another service engineer, but he never called back. I also left an email for that nation-wide service. Their phone number only went to a call centre, and my call was somewhere in a queue, so I gave up on that.

Then I found WRS Refrigeration Services. David was on the phone, and he competently described what would need to be done. So I arranged for a repair for Wednesday morning. He would come with his van and equipment and would repair the fridge right there.

He and his colleague came then today in the morning. The weather was miserable, it was raining, and I had just installed the electric 240V connector so that I could have electricity in the camper, to power an electric space heater, and to be able to connect equipment for the repair.

Basically what needed to be done was: repair the broken pipe, install a service valve / port, evacuate the system, and then refill it with the coolant R134a. In order to do this, they actually had to cut the steel pipe of that condensor grid which enclosed the whole compressor unit, to get better access to the other pipes. The team of two removed two of the original pipe connections from the compressor by using a solder gun. I was a bit worried to have that naked hot flame from the torch in the car with its flammable seats and plastic moldings, but David was careful in using that torch. The connections were newly soldered, and a more smoothly bent piece of copper pipe was used instead of that original damaged part. The new service port now allows refilling the system, in case it would leak.

The whole work took 1 1/2 hours. I was very impressed with their work, and I was so glad to see the refrigerator working again after they completed all the soldering and refilling. There is a 12 month warranty on this repair, but it looks like all the pipes are tightly sealed, and this fridge will now be working fine from now on.

I am very grateful for the professional work that WRS Refrigeration Services have done with that repair, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for any similar repair, if such one is needed!

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