Thursday, 11 September 2014

Electrics and Solar Power

Since I decided to convert this vehicle into a micro-camper, I needed a leisure battery. Online a 110Ah battery can be bought for around £60. But Halfords had a sale, and so I got my battery there, even it was still more expensive than the online offers. But the advantage was that I did not have to worry about delivery of this heavy item. Also I could return that old leisure battery which could not hold the charge anymore.

I also ordered a solar panel, which I wanted to mount onto the roof. I went for the 150W version, because this would almost cover the roof completely and hereby bring the most power. When the shipper DX wanted to deliver it, they told me that their truck is too large to drive towards my house... (did they come with a semi?). So I went there in the evening at 8pm to their business location. They were very busy loading and unloading their huge trucks with all kind of shipments, and then one brought me the large package with the panel. It barely fit into the cargo area of the Fiat.

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