Saturday, 13 September 2014

Affixing the Solar Panel

The 150W solar panel that I got is one of these semi-flexible ones, which is waterproof and can be slightly bent to fit a curved surface. It has 6 holes for mounting it. I removed the inner ceiling moulding in the vehicle, then drilled 6 holes from the outside top of the vehicle roof. That steel of the Fiat seems to be very hard - the drills seemed to have some problems getting the holes in!

Originally I wanted to use screws and nuts to fix the panel, but then I decided to use self-taping screws, as it was difficult to tighten the nuts.

I put some foam insulating tape around the edges of the panel, to avoid that it scratches the roof surface and to dampen possible vibrations.

Did a quick test drive with a few minutes of 60 mph, and the panel held fine. The two cables with the power I fed through the roof with two rubber grommets.

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