Sunday, 3 May 2015

A shelf and another vertical panel

Now it was time to finally hide all those cables of the 12V circuits which were spread on the work top above the refrigerator. The first step was to attach a shelf at the top of the side window. There was a mounting point which had originally been added as a part of the disabled-wheelchair seat belt - it was above the right rear side window and provided a strong mounting point. I got an 80cm long rounded shelf board from B&Q and cut it so that it did smoothly stretched from the rear panel to above the side window.

Then I prepared the final vertical panel, which would fit under that shelf, parallel to the rear panel.

And here is how the completed area looks:

I also had attached the carbon-monoxide detector and the smoke detector (on the top part of the rear panel). And, as can be seen in the above Photo, there is even a space for the coffee maker (it is attached to the work top so that it does not slide or falls).

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