Friday, 26 December 2014

Into the Mountains

From Iphofen I depart between 6 and 7am, so that I avoid traffic congestion which might come later in the day. As I approach München, there is some light snow fall, and after passing München there is a bot of a slow-down. But snow is no problem for the all-year-tyres which I put on. A short stop before the border to Austria, taking some pictures of the snowy landscape.

Well, since this is a blog solely about the campervan, it will be featured in each picture here. The landscape-only pictures are on my Facebook page, and I might have them later also on Flickr.

In Val Gardena I stop at a station with a car wash, and I spray the car to remove all the grit and the salt it has picked up from the driving so far. Then up to the passes, then arriving in the afternoon at the destination.

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