Saturday, 11 October 2014

Interior insulation

I did now remove all the interior mouldings. The interior roof is now bare metal.

The solar panel on the roof had been affixed with 6 screws which were screwed directly into the roof metal. This was not very water tight, and during the rain storms in the last few days some water came into the car. No visible drops were at the ceiling, but one of the rear seats felt wet. I did now redo all the screws on the ceiling and added clear silicon. Hopefully this is going to remain tight and sealed.

I also did then add the aluminium foil with air bubbles and attached it over the interior ceiling as a first insulation layer. Then I used the opportunity to place LED strips right over the window.

Finally I affixed the fire extinguisher under the front seat, where there had apparently been another one, as the mounting still was there.

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